New COVID-19 Terms and Conditions for reopening Sweetlands Farm 

Reopening 18/05/2020

updated 29/05/2020

During these unprecedented times we all find ourselves in we have had to put some new T&C’s and procedures in place to safely operate lessons under government guidelines. As we go through different phases these terms may be updated so please check back frequently. 

Please do not ride if anyone in your family is showing symptoms of COVID -19 

  • On arrival please park car and parent/driver to stay in the car, on the premises incase of any emergencies we can come and collect you.
  • Please do not enter yard earlier than 10 minutes before your lesson starts.
  • Only the rider can enter the yard where they find a trolley with details of which horse they are riding. Hand sanitiser will be there and we also insist on wearing gloves at all times on the premises. Cash payments to be posted into the box on the trolley in sealed envelope with riders name on it, correct money only, no change given. 
  • Please go straight to the horse allocated only, which will be tied up outside and prepare your girth and stirrups for riding (we will have already done the girths tight but good practise to check) 
  • Please DO NOT go and see any of the other horses around the yard.
  • When instructed bring horse into school and mount, we will NOT be able to assist but you may use either of the two mounting blocks. 
  • Enjoy your ride! (Please note there will be NO Jumping lessons offered at this phase) 
  • After your lesson, dismount, roll up the stirrups and take pony to the pony barn gate where a member of Sweetlands will take your pony from you. 
  • We strongly recommend washing your hands after riding.
  • Leave immediately after your ride/hand washing.
  • No hanging around the yard.

The toilet will be open for use and regularly cleaned. There will be anti bacterial soap and paper towels for use, a bin for paper towels will located immediately outside the door.

A lot of areas around the yard will be roped off, please only stick to the areas allowed:

NO going into office.

NO going into the tackroom.

NO entering the pony barn.

NO going into the paddocks.

Social distance at all times!!!

Be Alert! 


  • MUST wear their own hat, sorry we cannot allow use of our hats at this time.
  • MUST wear gloves.

At this present time we cannot offer any lessons to beginner and very novice riders. All riders must be capable of riding without any assistance during the whole process, mounting, stirrups, girths, riding at least at walk and trot, dismounting (please remember this can be difficult for some riders wearing a body protector who struggle to get off the horse with one on, so if they cannot manage to dismount on their own wearing one they cannot ride with us at this present time) (It is a personal choice whether or not to ride in a body protecter, we do not advise either way, although safety is paramount) 

We are only opening at a very small scale during the first phase of reopening, the ponies have loss some fitness and we feel we must endeavour to keep everyone safe. So we will be offering lessons, 

Lesson are currently offered Monday - Friday at these times:

LESSON 1 10.15 - 10.45

LESSON 2 10.50 - 11.20

LESSON 3 11.25 - 11.55

LESSON 4 12.00 - 12.30

  • As times goes on and we can increase numbers we will also increase the amount of lessons offered.
  • All lessons will be half hour and will cost £30 for 3 or less riders and £25 if 4 or more. Maximum currently 6 but we are currently working on 3/4 so we can clean tack and rest ponies.
  • Lessons will run strictly to time if you are late we cannot make the time up for you under any circumstances, so we can ensure safe distancing at all times. 
  • If your child wants to ride at same time as another friend who is a client here, then it would be helpful if you can arrange this with each other and then one of you contact me to book both in to a shared slot. 
  • When booking please be clear what days you CAN ride so we can group up similar ability riders. 
  • We will clean over tack after each rider leaves so it is ready for the next rider.

Payment Terms 

  • Online BACS payment preferred:

Sweetlands Farm




Please ref riders name

  • If paying by cash correct money must be put in a sealed envelope with riders name on it and put into the post box on the trolley, which is just inside the yard entrance.
  • All payments to be made at time of riding!! If we find we are chasing payments, those riders will not be guaranteed a slot going forward or may be asked to pay at time of booking for future lessons.
  • Should your situation change between booking your lesson and your lesson day we will accept cancellations up to 6pm the night before your lesson, any cancellations after this will have to charged full price for unless we find a replacement rider to fill the slot if enough time is given to do so, if we do fill the slot in time we will not charge the fee.
  • If the fee is charged and not paid, you will not be offered a future slot or will asked to pay at time of booking for future lessons.
  • We will operate a waiting list so hopefully fees will not need to be charged and we get enough notice from you if cancelling. 

At time of booking your first returning lesson with us we would like a text from you confirming you have read and agree to all the above and have made it clear to the rider they must follow all the terms set out above. Anyone found to have to be constantly reminded to follow these guidelines whilst on the premises may be refused future lessons until terms are relaxed.

We apologise for the severity of these new conditions. We feel it’s vital to conform to government guidelines to protect everyone from the spread of COVID -19 and the NHS

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